A solution to your endless wait for possession

A digital portal and mobile app to manage
your switch for rebooking your property

About rebook property

We are a team of professionals who are presenting a unique solution powered by digital technology, for buyers who are stuck with their investment in property with an endless wait for possession.

The ReBook Property platform will assist you in switching your 'waiting for possession' property with a 'ready for possession' property.

We have carefully curated a list of matching properties which could be suitable alternatives to your current investment. All you need to do is, select the ones you need to see personally and book a site visit.

Once you have selected your alternate dream home, we will assist you in executing the switch.

How it Works

Let us understand this by an example of Mr Amit.

May-2010 Amit books a flat in project Ashwood Greens and pays 20 Lakhs
May-2013 Promised delivery of flat by builder
Till August 2017 Amit is still waiting for possession
1-Sep-2017 Rebook Property gives ready for possession options to Amit
3-Sep-2017 Amit selects property in Deerfield Gold project
10-Sep-2017 Amit’s booking amount at Ashwood Greens is adjusted for booking at Deerfield Gold project.
12-Sep-2017 Amit gets Allotment Letter from Deerfield Gold.

In the end Rebook Property turns Amit in to a happy homebuyer.

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Please leave your contact details with us. Tell us about your existing property booking and also about your preferred project with which you would like to switch and we will try to find a rebooking solution for you.

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